Flex-Mat is now in its third generation with Flex-Mat® 3 which is available for tensioned and modular screen decks. Flex-Mat 3 is constructed of distinctive lime-green polyurethane strips that bond independently vibrating wires to increase material throughput, lengthen wear life, and virtually eliminate blinding, pegging and clogging on all decks. This helps put an end to frequent shutdowns to clean and replace screen media. It produces a cleaner spec product, lasts up to three times longer than woven wire and allows for far higher production throughput than polyurethane. It provides up to 30%  more open area than traditional woven wire and up to 50% more than traditional polyurethane and rubber panels.  Flex-Mat is proven in more than 20,000 applications around the world – including aggregate, limestone, aglime, recycle, coal, slag, RAP and green waste – to increase production up to 40%

Flex-Mat 3 provides benefits on every screen box deck: eliminating near-size pegging on top decks, producing cleaner retained product through the middle decks and preventing fine material blinding on bottom decks.

Driving Profit Through Performance

HardRok Equipment is an authorized dealer of Major Wire's Products
As the industry pioneer of OptimumWire® and  Flex-Mat® High-Performance, Self-Cleaning Screen Media, Major Wire has created a third screening category that fits between woven wire and polyurethane and revolutionized the way operations screen material in 1996. This new Flex-Mat category is now fully recognized by many of the largest quarry and recycle operations in North America and throughout other parts of the world.